Osteria al BacaretoOsteria Al Bacareto

Our History:

The word “Bacareto” comes from “Bacaro”, an old wine originating in Puglia.

In 1902, the De Giulios, natives of Brindisi, opened a little osteria in the S. Samuele neighborhood. They named the restaurant “Bacareto”, the diminutive of “Bacaro”, and managed it until 1948.

In 1971, their grandson, Emilio De Giulio, and his wife, Anna Trevisan, reopened the osteria near it's original location and named it, once again, the “Bacareto”.

Since then, thirty-seven years have passed, and today Emilio and Anna, together with their sons Adriano and Federico, still run the “Bacareto” with an unwavering passion and spirit typical to the osteria.

The kitchen continues to prepare its traditional dishes of typical Venetian fare, recipes of which the owners are very proud.

Baccalà (cod) is served in a variety of ways: mantecato (creamed), in umido (with tomato sauce), and alla Vicentina (with anchovies, capers, onions, and parsley). Other typical dishes include: Bigoli in salsa (wholegrain spaghetti in anchovy sauce); sarde in saor (sardines marinated in vinegar, onions, and olive oil); seppie in nero (cuttlefish with their ink); many different kinds of risotto; and fegato alla Veneziana (liver and onions) with white polenta.

Wine and cicchetti (local appetizers) are also always available.