Sala Interna Osteria al BacaretoOsteria Al Bacareto

Our Menu

We have always prepared typical Venetian dishes.

Cicchetti, local appetizers such as: fried sardines, bread with Baccalà mantecato (creamed cod), Baccalà fritto (fried cod), kebab sticks with zucchini and calamari, small grilled or fried cuttlefish, fried rice balls, meat or tuna balls, fried mozzarella, fried zucchini flowers, “Pierini” (toast with meat and cheese), and fried vegetables.


Scallops, creamed cod, sarde in saor (sardines marinated in onions, oil, and vinegar), octopus, shrimp, boiled cuttlefish, sardoni alla greca (anchovies sautéed with garlic, oil, and vinegar), prawns, mussels, and pilgrim scallops.

First Courses:

Bigoli in salsa (wholegrain spaghetti in anchovy sauce), pasta with bean sauce, taglioni with fish sauce, fish soup, spaghetti with clams, cuttlefish, or seafood, and risotto with fish, cuttlefish, or vegetables (and many other kinds depending on the season).

Second Courses:

Baccalà alla Vicentina (cod with anchovies, capers, onions, and parsley), Baccalà in umido (cod with tomato sauce), cuttlefish with their own ink and polenta, mixed fried fish, roasted fish such as sea bass, sea bream, sole, turbot, monkfish, grilled mixed fish, Venetian liver and onions.

We also offer seasonal seafood dishes, such as moeche (small soft-shell crabs eaten fried in the spring and fall). You will always find a vast assortment of fresh vegetables (cooked and raw) like salads, artichokes, and castraure (artichoke buds typical to our islands).

In addition to these local plates we also prepare other Italian dishes of meat and fish for first and second courses every day.

All desserts are homemade. L’Amoretto is a dessert exclusive to our restaurant, made from a recipe by our first cook, Rosi. We also make tiramisù (lady fingers soaked in coffee with mascarpone cheese and cocoa), a variety of baked tarts, and always have Venetian cookies to eat along with one of our sweet wines.

All our dishes can be eaten at the bar.

For vegetarians we have a large selection of dishes made from fresh vegetables.